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NCF Season run in

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1 NCF Season run in on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:14 pm

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

should take this division with now only CPU teams in his Division, didnt look pretty early on in the Season losing their first 4 games but micfierro seams to have settled the boat, musnt get complacent though he must keep on winning as he is level with Skins and only one game ahead of those Eagles, with 4 games left and all against CPU this shouldn’t be a problem, prediction Cowboys take NFC East Title and into the playoffs

Washington Redskins

Ownerless but still in the hunt level on games with the Cowboys hold onto your hats the CPU Skins could make the post season, (lets hope not) but with 4 game left and 3 against CPU the one against the Chiefs at the end should end their hopes unless micfierro messes up his run in Prediction 2nd in division

Philadelphia Eagles

a team tipped to win this division at the beginning of the year but as true to real life they have failed to live upto their superstar dream team status, once braza37 called it a day they slumped to 6 defeats on the bounce and pushed them to 3rd in the Div still only one game behind, with the Packers and Raiders to play and two CPU teams they won’t make it unless braza37 suddenly comes back, prediction end up 3rd in Div, will braza fee up time to play madden 13 in two leagues we hope to see him back

New York Giants

the Giants had a reasonable start to the season winning 2-3 but look to be done and dusted now with a run of 8 losses out of their last 9 games, 3 games off a div title with 4 to play is too much to try and get back, with Pastinator hanging up his boots for the season it left for the backup coach to play out the season, without an owner it won’t be pretty with the cowboys looking to wrap up the division and the Chiefs looking to win theirs prediction bottom of the division, let’s hope Pastinator is back for Madden 13 he’s been great to play and have around the forums

NFC North

Chicago Bears

the Bears finally look to get NFC title after so many years of runners up, sitting one game clear of the lions (now ownerless) and 3 games clear of the Packers surely Jez can’t let it slip from here!! With 3 games left on their Sch they should make it, Lions up first against CPU should clinch the Div for them then a rival game V’s the packers and finishing of with the CPU Steelers, Prediction NFC North champions and No1 seed big question is can the Bears hold their nerve and win their first playoff game?

Detroit Lions

the NFC North this year looked like a great Div with the addition of Bada73Bing and the Lions and three teams going for the title, Lions were only beaten in one game until the owner called it a day, still in 2nd place in the Div with 4 games to play and only the Bears and Cowboys human teams to play they could with Sim wins against the Eagles and Vikes be in the playoff at the expense of the Packers, Falcons or 49ers depending on how it pans out, Prediction 2nd and makes the playoffs at the expense of someone (hope its not me!!!!) Lets see if Bada73Bing is back Madden 13 good player and will be missed but someone will take this great squad Madden 13

Green Bay Packers

a Holiday and work ravaged season see’s the Packers in unfamiliar territory laying 3rd in the Div and only a miracle will see them get second place (first is too much of a miracle) their best hope is that second Wild card place they are fighting the Falcons and 49ers for, with the Eagles CPU Bears and CPU Bengals to go, the tough one will be the Bears when they travel to meet Jez, they win all three and there are there, lose one and its pray time Prediction 3rd in Div and just make the playoffs

Minnesota Vikings

the Vikes season is all but over sitting 4th with 4 to play, not the greatest season for the Vikes that started we with against the bears but that’s about as good as it got only winning 1 of their next 9 games, iAmJamiee has been absent for a few weeks and we will have to see if he is back for Madden 13, prediction 4th in Div

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

in a Div with the reining Super bowl champs the Panthers were expected to walk this DIV but fierro_david and those Falcons have been a thorn in the Panthers side all season and still in the running to take the title with 3 games to go, next up is the Panthers and this is a must win game after the heavy defeat to the Saints last time out, if he can win this one with the Dolphins and Bills left he has a chance, especially as the Panther’s still have a few tricky games ahead Prediction if he can avoid defeat against the panthers Div title if not praying for wild card place.

Carolina Panthers

the super bowl champs started the season with a hangover still losing 2 out of the first 3 games, the recovery looks to be in full flow now winning 7 out of their last 9 with a good win against the Packers last time out, with 4 games to play they sit top of the Div by one game but with some tricky games ahead the Rams up first on an 8 win streak won’t be easy followed by the crunch game against the Falcons still looking to win Div, then the Saints who they suffered a loss to last time out, then the another tough game vrs the Patriots still looking to win their Div hva_899 will need to have good run in to remain top spot come season end Prediction just sneaks Div and into the playoffs, but watch out for those Falcons and Saints if the season hits a banana skin!!

New Orleans Saints

have the Saints left it too late of will the NFL gods save them, on great run of results have given them a slight slight slight slight chance of making the playoffs since grubsteak898 joined their ranks, after winning 5 out their last 6 they laying 2 wins behind the panthers and 2 behind the Falcons with 3 to play they will need results to go their way to make, but the way they are playing they will make a good run at it, CPU bucks up twice will be easy but they need to beat the No1 team the Panthers to have any chance, they beat them last time out can they make lightening strike twice and really open up this division?? Prediction just missing the title (unless the Falcons and Panthers nerve goes on the run in) but watch out for them in Madden 13 they will be a team to watch!!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

another season of uncertainty for the Buccs having an owner not having an owner has really messed up their season like the last one, out of the title race and looking for a new owner next season I see Buccs fan H64mmy giving this team a run in Madden 13, after winning their opening 2 games the season looked good bu 6 losses in row have ended it. Prediction 4th in Div and looking for H64mmy to save them in Madden 13

NFC West

St. Louis Rams

what a season for the Rams close to having their Title wrapped up, with 4 games to go and 3 losses ahead of the 49ers they look nailed on to do it, winning 8 on the bounce has put them in place and with only a couple of tricky ones left, the Panthers up next won’t be easy as they need the win to keep their title, then the CPU Cardinals and Titans they should have enough wins by the time they play they play another tricky the Div rivals the 49ers in the last week Prediction Div title and number 2 seed in the NFC great season nslafc can only get stronger Madden 13 with that squad

San Francisco 49ers

for the first time in my memory the 49ers not winning their Div and having to play the Packers in a snow storm (the way its looking neither the 49ers or Packers could be playing in the Snow come playoff time this year) with 3 games to go they need to hope the Rams really mess up to have any chance of the Division, with 3 games to play two CPU the Titans and Cardinals and the last one a tricky to the Rams they will probably have to win all three to steal the last wild card place from the Falcons and Packers Prediction 2nd in Div and just missing the wild card spot Sorry kjnoncho78, but he will be back in Madden 13 with what looks like a great 49ers team

Arizona Cardinals

the Cardinals started the season with high hopes under SYOUNGNJ and winning 2 out of the first 3 but with the departure of SYOUNGNJ they kissed their season goodbye and losing their last 8 games didn’t help, 3 games to go and with the Rams and 49ers waiting to tear them apart this season end won’t be pretty, Prediction 3rd in Div due to the Seahawks really stinking. We will see if SYOUNGNJ will be back Madden 13 to save them

Seattle Seahawks

not even worth a mention 0-13 says it all, Prediction would be 5th in Div if the Div had another team, not a bad squad to take on in Madden 13 though

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2 Re: NCF Season run in on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:25 pm

Nice alway enjoy these

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nice one bob!

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