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Play off bound Teams

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1 Play off bound Teams on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:18 pm

Play off bound

With two games to go the playoff teams look pretty much set with only one Div in each Conference that needs to be sorted out to confirm the last two teams that will be in the playoffs, and the order the teams will be seeded, so lets have alittle fun predicting


New England Patriots
The Patriots will get No.1 seed only risk is the tricky game vr’s the Panthers and the Raiders winning out, (who know how the PS3 works out tied teams who haven’t played each other it’s a mystery)

Oakland Raiders
The Raiders will win out with two CPU teams left taking No2 two seed unless the Patriots mess up and the Tie breaker goes their way.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Great first season taking third seed and just missing the first weeks bye

Pittsburgh Steelers or Cincinnati Bengals
will take 4th seed, I’m going to stick my neck out and go CPU Steelers as they have the one game lead and both have to play one human team each, but it’s a lottery on the sim when they play each other Week 15

Wild Cards

New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs
Both will take the Wild card spots but in which position will they land, the Chiefs will finish 13-3 with two CPU teams left, the Jets is more tricky one game lead but Bish talking a break until Madden 13 have one CPU Sim Buccs and Dolphins H64MMY, my guess is they will both finish 13-3 so coin toss time, Heads Jets Chiefs Tails Heads it is Jets 5th seed and Chiefs 6th seed

Wild card Weekend

Jacksonville Jaguars (3) Vs Kansas City Chiefs (6)
This game should be close looking at the teams records, The Chiefs will have to get Charles running hard but he has been off the boil lately and Cassel will have to get over the the 6 INT in the last two games or they won’t have a chance against a well organized Jags Defense, the Jags will probably Run this one with their strong ground game and the poor Chiefs Run D this year (unlike them Chiefs) the Jags look to have the slight edge though with the win earlier in the season and the Chiefs stuttering on the season run in, I predict the Jags to take this one but not by much

Pittsburgh Steelers (4) Vs New York Jets (5)
Two CPU teams Coin toss time, Pittsburgh Steelers Heads, New York Jets Tails, Jets take it with Tails

Divisional Game

New England Patriots (1) Vs New York Jets (5)
The Patriots get the easy ride into the Conference against CPU

Oakland Raiders (2) Vs Jacksonville Jaguars (3)
Prediction after wild card weekend

Conference Game

New England Patriots (1) Vs ??? To be advise later


Chicago Bears
the Bears one game ahead of the Rams to take the No1 seed with the Packers and a CPU to play, even if they lose to the Packers (lets hope so he he he) they will still have enough due to beating the Rams earlier in the season, No1 seed

St. Louis Rams
two games to go can the Rams hold onto the No2 seed from the Panthers, I expect them to win out against the CPU Titans and the 49ers who have nothing to play for but pride.

Carolina Panthers
a chance of No2 seed if the 49ers can do them a favor, but tricky games Vs the Saints and Patriots will test them, will probably finish just short and end up No 3 seed.

Washington Redskins / Dallas Cowboys / Philadelphia Eagles
these three could still be slugging it out till the last game, the Eagles will be out of it once the Raiders walk over them, that leaves the Cowboys and Redskins, the Redskins CPU have a one game lead but that will be leveled up once they lose to the Chiefs, the Cowboys will win out against two CPU teams, so it’s all up to the Redskins sim Vs Chargers and the tie breaker lottery, Lets give it to the Cowboys we don’t want a CPU team in there!! Cowboys 4th seed.

Wild Cards

Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers
Both these teams will make the playoffs Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, with the lions holding a one game lead and only one Human team left the Cowboys, the all important sim vs the Vikes will decide this, but only if the Packers can overcome the Bears this week and beat the CPU Bengals, too may variable to predict, a sim, Packers beating the bears and the lottery of the tie breaker, Coin time its getting a good work out today Detroit Lions Heads and Green Bay Packers tails, Tails its is Pakers No5 seed Lions No 6 seed.

Wild card Weekend

Carolina Panthers (3) Vs Lions (6)
The Panthers get the easy ride into the Conference against CPU

Dallas Cowboys (4) Vs Packers (5)
Hate predicting my own Games playoff time so I won’t if someone else wants to predict it feel free!!!

Divisional Game

Chicago Bears (1) Vs To be advised ?

St. Louis Rams (2) Vs Carolina Panthers (3)
Prediction After the Wild Card weekend

Conference Game

? Vs ?
To be filled in later

Super Bowl

? Vs ?
To be filled in later

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2 Re: Play off bound Teams on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:56 pm

Nice wrote up Bob hopefully I will get the 5th seed then it will make the flow a lot better, Both me and Jags then play a cpu wildcard game and then I get Monkey and Jags get Raiders so 2 good Divisional games.

Not holding out much hope for me though as I am just playing terrible. need to get back to basics

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3 Re: Play off bound Teams on Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:39 am

you will probably need to make sure H64mmy plays his game vrs the Jets and hope the Buccs CPU turn up to make that happen!!

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4 Re: Play off bound Teams on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:46 am

Bez, you know i'm the perfect opponent when you need a win! Mad

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5 Re: Play off bound Teams on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:49 pm

Back from traveling looks like i missed a lot, most painfully my playoff games Sad but looks like some great games played

Wild Card
No real suprises as all games vrs CPU, but the Panthers and Cowboys let the games get a little close


Chiefs v Patriots 10-21 Looks like Monkey Finally worked out how to stop Charles

Jags v Raiders 38-35 this must have been very painful to watch for Afro 10-28 up going into the 4th qtr and being 31-35 up with 12 secs left feel for you Afro

Cowboys V Bears 24-21 left it a little close against CPU Bears MicFierro

Panthers v Rams 14-27 inteception happy QB's must have been a fun game of screaming at the telly (hva 5 INT's thats nearly the total you threw the whole of last year) well done USLAFC i would have had HVA as firm favorite here


Jags v Patriots 27-24 would have had money on Monkey, well played Havok, this looked a tight and fairly even game last man with the ball wins, those turn overs must have hurt the pats though

Cowboys v Rams TBA have to put the Rams favorites due the players beat on his way here, but this is a Conf game for a place in the superbowl who will hold his nerve!!!

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6 Re: Play off bound Teams on Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:04 pm

The fumble return for a TD killed me. Was 4pts up i think and moving it with ease on the drive but decided to try a fancy PA play on 2nd and short and got punished. Deserved me right.

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7 Re: Play off bound Teams on Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:25 pm

My game with Panthers was crazy, I threw 3 picks and he threw 5 i think. Hva even blocked a punt and stuck me in my own 20. nearly all my points were in first half, if my secondary didnt stand up i would have been in trouble.

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8 Re: Play off bound Teams on Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:24 am

Bob He did finally find a way to stop Charles but still had 2 chances to win it. missed a 1st and Goal in the first half and had to settle for a fg which changed the game at the end and forced me to go for it. Still thought I was going to win it until I threw a stupid pick 6

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9 Re: Play off bound Teams on Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:40 am

Championship games now in the book. Rams vs jags Super Bowl

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10 Re: Play off bound Teams on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:44 pm

Rams vs jags Super Bowl, Good luck guys nice to see some new faces in the superbowl (no packers Sad Patriots or Panthers)

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11 Re: Play off bound Teams on Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:47 am

The Panthers, Rams game was crazy, not played a game like it. An your right Bob, i only threw 5 ints last season and i can't believe i threw the same amount in that one game. I was all over the place, but its a big wake up call for me. Got to up my game, was very sloppy this season. Sad

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