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NFC Championship Game: Rams vs Cowboys/Bears

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1 NFC Championship Game: Rams vs Cowboys/Bears on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:01 pm

Hi guys,

I played my divisional game last night, think bezzer/monkey played theres and the other afc game is 4.30 today.

Just to advise that whoever wins other NFC game Im free tonight from 9pm on wards but after that Im not going to be available to play until Sunday just to advise.

I may potentially be back Saturday night but going to watch the Olympics football.

Guessing theres no massive rush anyway if this is the last season.

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I'm playing the bears tonight then you.

Sunday is fine with me.

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Hey mate how was the football? Shame losing once again on penalties Sad

what time you want to play today?

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micfierro wrote:Shame losing once again on penalties Sad

And this is why the rest of the UK wanted nothing to do with a GB football team. Team GB have never lost on Pens, while England have.

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Hi sorry for late reply I only got back late last night. Yh the game was pretty dire to be honest lol.

I can do about 10ish tonight?

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10 is alright with me

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I'm ready from now

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sorry mate just realised what time it was :/

you available now?

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