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Draft, Free Agency etc - PLEASE READ!

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1 Draft, Free Agency etc - PLEASE READ! on Mon May 21, 2012 2:57 am

1. Draft to take place at 7pm GMT Sunday 20th May.

2. Sunday & Monday (20th - 21st May) to be set aside for owners t resign players that they want back and drop rookies they don't want (and anyone else they want to drop). This will cease at 7 pm on Monday 7th. Any players not resigned by that point, or released after the draft, will officially become free agents.

3. Once this has been concluded, they must be within the cap.

4. Free Agency bidding will open at 10pm GMT on Monday 21st and close at 10:00 pm GMT on Tuesday 22nd. Owners will only be allowed to make actual signings on the Tuesday after the bidding window has closed. The bidding will be done through the Xtreme site. There will be a random closing time around about 10pm. Also, remember that the maximum number of players on your roster is 53.

5. If any players are signed through free agency and an owner subsequently wishes to cut him prior to the expiry of his contract, the team will suffer a cap hit for releasing him. The player can of course be traded to another team, provided that the new team is prepared to take over the existing salary and remainder of the contract.

6. Week 1 will start on Wednesday 23rd May. DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES BEFORE THIS DATE.

7. Once the season has started, the free agency pool will be opened again and closed at the end of each week. It will be closed at the trade deadline (week 6) although owners will still be allowed to sign free agents after this time. If you need to sign someone, pm me or Bob and we can open up the FA pool.

8. Trades can begin to be concluded after the draft. I prefer these to be done through the trade screen, but cannot remember whether this is possible before week 1 games have been played (could someone please post in this thread whether it is or isn't). If they cannot be concluded through the trade screen at this stage, then owners may release the players into free agency and then pick them up. I strongly suggest you both trading parties do this at the same time to avoid confusion and other players bidding on what they think are free agents. It's your responsibility to sort your trades out and please don't ask for any of the committee to "force trades through" as we have done in the past. There were simply too many and it became a nightmare to manage.

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