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Provisional Rules

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1 Provisional Rules on Wed May 16, 2012 6:35 am

NFLUK12 League Rules

Site Rules

No trash talking!

Game Rules

Game Skill Level: All-Pro
Quarter Length: 8 Minutes
Accelerated Clock: 20 Seconds
Injuries: On
Fatigue: On
Trading: On - No CPU Trades
Weather: On
Max Users: 32
Draft: On

Weekly Advancement

The League will officially advance at 10 pm Sundays and 10 pm Thursdays (UK Time - Currently GMT) unless otherwise notified. It may be left until first thing the following morning UK time to give any late gamers a chance to complete their game, but such instances will be rare, so please make sure you don’t leave your games until the last minute.

Scheduling / Playing Games against Player Owners

Owners are required to schedule and play games against other Owners.*
Owners are required to be active on the website. Games can be arranged through the site (PM or on the weekly matchups thread) or via PSN messaging.
See the Weekly Matchups, Game Arrangements & Reports Section for more details.

League Integrity

Owners are expected to play their games at all times (unless they have notified the Commissioner in advance they will be away) and are expected to play to win. It is not acceptable for owners who, in the late regular season, find themselves eliminated from the playoffs and allow their opponent to play the CPU. Players who disregard this rule may face disciplinary action. However, it is acceptable to play backups and rest your starters in advance of the post season.

Simmed Games

We will try to avoid simmed games wherever possible, but it does happen from time to time. If players cannot come to an agreement on a start time, then the game will be simmed. If, in the opinion of the Commish, a player has made a reasonable effort to arrange his game with an opponent and given several start time options and the opponent has either not answered or has declined these options, then the player who endeavoured to arrange the game may be given the option to play the CPU at the Commish's discretion. The Commish's decision on such matters shall be final.

Free Agents & Roster Size

The Free Agency signing period will be open after the draft has taken place. Free Agency bidding will be done via the Xtreme website. Players are reminded that they need to stay within their salary cap. Players can bid on whomever they wish, provided they have the cap room. The maximum allowable number of players on the roster for gameday is 53. You are allowed to exceed 53 when you sign free agents, but you MUST cut back to 53 before you play your next game.


Owners can trade freely with other owners; trades with CPU teams are not allowed. Please refer to the rules in the Trades section, the Commish has the discretion to void silly deals. Once a trade has been posted in the Trades thread, it is considered a "done deal" and can go ahead. Neither owner is permitted to back out of a deal once it has been published. Trades are not allowed after week 6. Trades can get negotiated after the post season has finished, but cannot be finalised until after the Draft. Trades should be conducted through the trade screen or through Xtreme.

Rookie Draft

The Rookie Draft will take place, generally about a week or so after the Super Bowl has been played. The draft order shall be in accordance with the final standings from the previous season.

For those not familiar with the draft, you should be aware that in order to sign the rookies in the draft (there are 7 rounds in the draft) you will need to release players to make room on your roster. The EAFL maximum roster size is 53, so if you have 53 on your roster, you need to release 5 players in advance of the draft (as the maxmum in the game is 55). The reason for this is that when the draft is concluded, owners have a limited time (usually a day or two) to resign anyone that they cut in advance of the draft and drop some of the poorer-quality rookies. The owner then confirms his final selections in the thread. Note that if you do NOT drop players in advance of the draft, the CPU will do it randomly for you while the draft is in progress and you will probably end up losing a number of players that you didn't want to and they will then be in the free agency pool for anyone else to bid on once the draft is concluded. If an owner has not dropped sufficient (or any) players in advance of the draft, then he will NOT be allowed to resign those the CPU cut on his behalf. So be very careful.

Contracts will be assigned to the rookies after the draft is over and this will be done in Xtreme.


- Team Owners are required to play with respect for their opponent and the game.
(This is the fundamental rule of this league and covers just about everything)

- Team Owners are required to play in a manner consistent with the NFL.
-- Punting on fourth down inside their own territory, except in 4th quarter when losing, or if ahead by a maximum of 8 points (1 score, in 4th quarter only)
-- Mixing up run/pass etc.
-- No Excessive Blitzing - and NO TURBO BLITZING
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of wildcat formation
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of no-huddle
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of exploit plays
-- Offensive players play on offense, defensive players play on defense. Not both*
-- No running up the score against either your opponent or the CPU
-- No glitching/cheating with glitch plays. Keep it real.
-- Any player who deliberately quits a game, irrespective of the circumstances, will be subject to an automatic ban.
-- No Supersimming.
-- Owners can use whichever generic playbook they wish, but the use of Customised playbooks is not allowed.
-- The "Surprise onside kick" is not allowed.
-- Games against the CPU are only to be started ONCE. If the game crashes, regrettably it must be simmed. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary measures and a cap penalty of $1m for each offence.

Loss of Connection

Sometimes there will be lag on the screen, which can often end up in a loss of connection. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no alternative but to restart the game, except in the following circumstances: if a team is leading by 14 points or more in the 4th quarter and their opponent loses connection, or is leading by any score inside the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter and has possession then the team in the lead has the option of finishing the game against the CPU, if the option appears on the screen, or may quit and count the game. In all other cases, the game must be restarted. The Commissioner can see how many times games have been restarted and if a player keeps having problems of these nature, it will be investigated because there is the possibility that it may not have been a connection problem but a case of quitting, which will not be tolerated. Please remember that this is a game, it's not life and death. It's supposed to be fun whether you win or lose, but the important thing is to respect your opponent and play fair. When owners are unable to connect, the likelihood is that the game will be simmed. Games against the cpu must only be started once. If the game crashes then it will be simmed. Anyone flouting this rule will be the subject of an automatic ban. Owners are permitted to agree to "quit and count game" if a game crashes and they deem one side has no hope of a comeback, but this is not mandatory

Going for 2 point Conversions

Going for 2 point conversions is allowed in the following circumstances:

Two-Point Conversion Chart

Points ahead: 1,4,5,11,12,19
Points behind: 2,5,10,16,17,19

Disciplinary Measures

Team Owners with a complaint against another are required to report it to the league privately via e-mail/PM.

Team Owners reported to be in violation of the rules will be subject to an investigation by the committee.

Team Owners found in violation of the rules will be subject to either a warning, strike or immediate dismissal from the league.

All complaints will be investigated by the committee and disciplinary measures wil be imposed according the the severity of the offence.

As a general rule, they will be imposed in the following order:

1. Warning
2. First Strike (1 game ban)
3. Second Strike (3 game ban)
4. Removal from the League.

You should not take this sequence as being finite: the first offence (warning) may be skipped straight to the "first strike" dependent upon what offence was committed. Players should note that in the event there are any games vs cpu this season, there will be a clampdown on such games being restarted (see above). We operate a "Naming and Shaming" policy in this league and sanctions are posted in this thread, which can be found in the Weekly Matchups section.

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